Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Pension "Fix" & All The B-Slapping

It didn’t take long before the back-slappin’ and congratulations started over the soon-to-be-enacted bill to fix the Dallas Police & Fire Pension Fund.

And, it didn’t take long either before the bitch-slappin’ started.

All I know is while Mayor Mike Beelzebub Rawlings and his cronies crowed about fixing the problem and solving our public safety crisis, every single one of us--active and retired first responders and their families and friends--knows the truth.

There was no justice here. 

Only Just Us.

And the city and its citizens--especially in the poorer communities--are headed pell-mell into very scary times. City officials finally acknowleged that drive-by shootings are up 148 percent from last year. Violent crime is up. Response time is up.

Then there was that incident in South Dallas where there was a reckless and unchallenged 30-minutes of cars stunting in the middle of the intersection at Malcolm X Boulevard and Elsie Faye Heggins Street.

According to news reports, Dallas Councilwoman Tiffinni Young demanded an explanation on why it took police so long to respond.


Councilwoman Young should look in the mirror and ask herself that question. 

Or better yet, she should ask her buddy Mayor Rawlings or his henchman Lee Kleinman. Or perhaps, she should ask all the fancy folks that headed up the Taxpayers For A Fair Pension. Good luck getting an answer from them because they are all hiding behind their fancy gated communities with their private security firms.

Dallas Police Association president Mike Mata has a simple and clear answer for you and it's an answer you're not going to want to hear: This is merely a sign of things to come because the police department is so understaffed.

"You're seeing a trend of lawlessness that's coming within the city of Dallas. The fix is we need more cops. It's as simple as that," he told Fox4News.

And why are we so understaffed? 

Let's see… low pay, bad pension, broken promises.

You see this pension bill didn't resolve or solve the problem--especially when you place 75 percent of the "fix" on the backs of your active and retired first responders. It won't stem the exodus of your first responders,  and it surely won't entice new ones.

It's as simple as that.

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Anonymous said...

The floodgate is now open! Criminals In - Safety Officers Out! Citizens of Dallas be sure to give special "Thanks" to the Mayor of Dallas for causing a your safety to be jeopardized when he bamboozled you into believing he had your back. Consider yourself stabbed in the back because your safety was even considered as you will soon learn. Your City is " NOT" adquately protected. Your safety is at RISK, property values! Welcome to Our World!

Anonymous said...

The flood gate is open! Criminals In - Safety Officers Out: Citizens of Dallas, be sure to "Thank" the Mayor who caused this safety issue to become worse, for stabbing you in the back by not considering your safety or telling the truth! Your city is not adequately protected! Property values are going on a downward spiral, your taxes will be increasing anyway and your safety is at great risk for many years to come...Welcome to Our World!

Anonymous said...

I found a silver lining: All the citizens complaining about their recent elevated property evaluations can relax - they'll be dropping like a rock soon.