Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Giving Credit Where It Isn't Due

So the governor signed the bill to "fix" the Dallas Police & Fire Pension fund.

The official fix begins Sept. 1.

The fall out began long before that.  While I understand the need for the bill, excuse me if I don't do the dance of joy when 75 percent of the "shared sacrifice" sits squarely on the backs of the city's first responders.

About a week or so ago, The Dallas Morning News did its celebratory mayoral kumbaya circle in its editorial post. (Honestly, it made me gag and caused a spike in my blood pressure despite my yoga breathing.)

It's taken more than a week for my anger to subside and for me to re-start this latest post. However, it's important to correct some of the statements bandied about by the DMN (which btw has become nothing more than the mayor's private PR firm).

And yes, I know we are supposed to quit pointing fingers and playing the blame game, but when the DMN and the city continues circulating falsehoods, we need to point and wag a few fingers and assign blame.

In its editorial post last week, the DMN gushes in praise for the mayor and still credits him with trying to prevent a "run on the bank" to save the pension. I'm all for giving credit where credit is due, but let's credit the mayor for actually causing the run on the bank.

Remember when the pension board asked him to assuage members fears and issue a public statement expressing support for the fund and telling its first responders that the city had their back?

Remember the Mayor's words? 

Oh wait, you can't because he didn't. 

Instead, he wrote a letter demanding that the pension board stop access to accounts earned by first responders and then filed his lawsuit.

Game on.

$520 million gone.

Why bring it up again? So the mayor can't claim he fixed something that he purposefully  and actively broke.

The DMN editorial wistfully stated that maybe the pension bill fix "can even become a catalyst to rebuild trust between first responders and City Hall."

Well, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but this ain't no Disney movie, and when you've got Pinocchio living at 1500 Marilla Street, well, you're a long, long way from happily ever after. 

#ThanksForNothingMayorRawlings #StopSpreadingLies #BackThePension

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Well said. Right on!