Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Enough Is Enough

About 1,000 active and retired police and firefighters, their families and friends marched to Dallas City Hall in support of their promised pension benefits and to protest Mayor Rawlings campaign of lies against first responders.
The marchers carried 697 boots to symbolize the number of police officers who have let the department since the pension crisis began. The number of officers have dropped to the lowest level in almost a decade while calls for help have increased and crime has risen.
The pension crisis has become a public safety crisis because of Mayor Rawlings, City Councilman Lee Kleinman and Rawlings' supporters from the wealthy private Dallas Citizens Council.
The mayor fiddles while public safety burns. 
We were there for you. Please be there for us. Call the Mayor's office at 214-670-3301 and tell the mayor it's time for him to shut up and put up what was promised to Dallas' first responders.

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